Agencies and Committees

WFIS represents the interests of private schools on agency boards and working groups and serves as the official liaison organization for independent schools with OSPI and the Department of Early Learning.

WFIS Agency and Committee News


Private School Facilities Managers Quarterly Meeting

Andrew Rauch is the WFIS representative working with OSPI on the School Safety Advisory Committee (SSAC), and the Facilities Manager for Epiphany School.  He tries to hold meetings for private school Facilities Managers every quarter, though finding a host site for...

Early Learning Advisory Council – April 3 Meeting

Early Learning Advisory Council Representative, Chelle Downey Magee, attended this first “in-person” ELAC meeting of the calendar year and reports that is was well-attended with an agenda that was quite full!  Read her summary report below: Negotiated Rule...

Congress Approves Consolidated Appropriations Act

CAPE News Congress has approved the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018, a measure that funds government programs through September 2018. The Senate voted early this morning, and the House yesterday. The following table provides funding...

DOH releases WA State Health Assessment

Today John Wiesman, WA State Secretary of Health shared the release of the draft version of the Washington State Health Assessment, and an invitation to provide feedback on the expansive report during the public comment period, January 2–23. In particular, schools...

State Board of Education announces new Executive Director

The State Board of Education (SBE) selected Dr. Randy Spaulding as their new Executive Director. Dr. Spaulding will begin as SBE's Executive Director on January 8, 2018. Prior to his selection, Dr. Spaulding worked for the Washington Student Achievement Council as the...

Early Learning Advisory Council report from December 5 meeting

WFIS representative Chelle Downey-Magee shared the scoop on the December 5 meeting. “It was positive, with several new people attending their second meeting. As always, Vickie and Frank were the highlights, and Heather Moss seemed engaged and positive. There are high hopes for DCYF!” 

CAPE Action on Title II-A

“private schools must bring their influence to bear on continuing the professional development funding for educators outlined in Title II-A of ESEA.”

Early Learning Rules Negotiations Update November 2017

At the November WAC negotiations, the seventh of nine, WFIS and fellow negotiation team members had productive conversations about several tough issues including expulsion, multi-age classrooms, and staff absence reporting.   EXPULSION The teams have not reached...

About our work


WFIS representatives work with State Agencies, including the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), The Department of Early Learning (DEL), The Department of Health and others to advocate for the particular needs of private schools.

WFIS representatives at OSPI, DEL and on the State Board of Education communicate regularly with WFIS to help guide and change policy to reflect private school needs.

WFIS works directly with the executive directors of the accreditation organizations in Washington to protect the integrity of accreditation and our schools.   We call these leaders “Constituency Leaders” and rely on their in depth understanding of their schools to guide WFIS’ policy decisions.

WFIS is in Olympia during the legislative session, building relationships with Legislators and their staff, collaborating with lobbying organizations with similar goals, as well as reading and contributing to legislation to be sure private schools are considered when law is crafted and when it is passed.