Legislative and Policy Advocacy

We work with legislators and policy makers to ensure that legislation in Olympia affecting schools and education is crafted with the particular needs of private and independent schools in mind.

Legislation and Policy Updates


MPPI: Montessori Public Policy Initiative

Congratulations to WFIS board member, Charis Sharp, on her new advocacy role with the Montessori Public Policy Initiative.  She is now the Interim Director of MPPI.  Montessori Schools will benefit greatly from her vast experience advocating for education, influencing...

National Private School Leadership Conference ONPE 2016

The ESSA mission at the Federal Level is to foster maximum participation of non-public school students and teachers in Federal education programs and initiatives. As implementation of the new ombudsman role begins to take shape, private school educators from across...

Private School Advisory Committee

The Private School Advisory Committee (PSAC), made up of Principals and Superintendents from diverse types of private schools, advises OSPI on issues that affect private schools.  PSAC met on April 26 with leadership from OSPI, the State Board of Education (SBE) and...

WA State ESSA Implementation

On Wednesday August 10, WFIS and private school constituency group leaders met with State Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn and his staff to discuss the implementation of the ESSA, specifically in regard to the Ombudsman role and selection process, to...

Forging a Path to Better School Safety – ESB 6620

August 1st is supposed to be the deadline for the legislature to identify representatives for the School Safety Advisory Committee but legislators are not currently in session.  WFIS has committed participation on behalf of the private school community by volunteering...

Mandate on After School Licensing Lifted

The Agency Definition Law (SB 6371) allows public and private schools to run after-school programs for their enrolled students without a DEL license, under some circumstances. WFIS and our contacts within the private school community had been working on this bill for...

About Our Work


WFIS brings together uniquely varied educational institutions to strengthen educational quality in Washington, while serving as the advocate and voice of independent schools. The private, independently funded school community of Washington State is comprised of over 500 approved schools serving a richly diverse population of more than 85,000 students. This diversity is reflected in the full spectrum of economic, cultural, familial, educational and religious traits of our enrolled families; families whose collective dual sacrifice as responsible tax payers and tuition contributor’s saves WA state over $800,000,000 annually.

WFIS is the only statewide forum for Washington’s non-public school community. We participate in all levels of collective educational dialogs to assure our schools’ input and perspective are utilized in educational policy agenda, while advocating for private school student access to all programs designed to enhance the quality of education in our state. In addition, we seek resolution in cases where local policy application may result in double standards or inequities.

FEDERAL -WFIS will work for seamless application of the new ESSA policies and programs which include strengthened provisions for private school student inclusion in all districts within the state. Our organization also supports legislative efforts around the country to provide school choice to all children.
STATE – WFIS ensures that private schools are included in state educational programs that benefit students while guarding against the infringement of government mandated policy.
LOCAL – WFIS hosts and participates in events and community engagement opportunities at the local level which foster collaboration amongst schools, students and the greater community.