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Recent news updates from a variety of sources here in Washington and around the country.

Highlights in the News from WFIS


CA legislature proposing Media Literacy as social-science requirement

“Whatever one’s political orientation, or one’s thoughts regarding the extent to which Russia may, or may not have attempted to manipulate American public opinion prior to the 2016 presidential election, one can readily agree that enabling students to be more conscious, discerning, and critical consumers of media – whether electronic, on paper, or in images – is not only a laudable goal, but an increasingly necessary requirement for a literate and informed citizenry.”

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Gearing up for ESSA

WFIS’ sister organization CAPSO (California Association of Private School Organizations) conveyed some important points in their Midweek Emailer.  Read excerpts from the article “Gearing Up for ESSA” below: What was the single most important remark...

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Other news from around the country