EANS I Funding

The Senate and House budgets will be out mid-February, and we will know then whether the Supplemental Budget includes the funds owed to private schools who participated in EANS I. Thank you for your continued advocacy to legislators on the Ways & Means and Appropriations committees who write the budgets.

CCDEI Clock Hours

The bill to allow private schools to offer clock hours for cultural competency was finally voted off the House Floor. The next step is the Senate. The hearing for HB 1377 is scheduled for February 15 at 1:30 pm. Please help! Send a comment to your legislator here, or testify, or simply indicate your support here.

Through this link, you can either indicate “pro” or sign up to testify remotely. Testimony is 60 or 90 seconds long. State your name and school name, and let legislators know private schools need this bill to pass so that certificated teachers can get the mandated education needed to renew their certificates. Keep the message simple and non-controversial.

The bill is not perfect. And we need it to pass.

Free Dual Credits

WFIS board members talked with legislators about the need for all students to access free college credits for college-in-the-classroom courses. This spring, WFIS and its supporters will promote private school inclusion.

The bill for free AP and IB exams did not make it out of committee.

Graduation Requirements

Financial Literacy and Comp Sci requirements did make it through their committee and will be debated again in the next round of hearings.

Early Education Background Checks

SB 5774 will expand the number of fingerprinting locations available around the state. It is subject to funding from Appropriations, so there will be more conversations about this bill. There is also a request for a proviso for a mobile fingerprinting unit for the state. This would have a positive impact on the inefficient DCYF background check system, which is impacting programs’ ability to hire staff.

Early Education Prerequisites

HB 2300 did not move out of committee. WFIS will work with the sponsors to develop a supportable bill that addresses some of the core issues impacting the ability of early learning programs to survive licensing rules.