from CAPE Outlook issue number 430, December 2017

The Office of Non-Public Education (ONPE) at the U.S. Department of Education recently published the latest issue of its quarterly newsletter Ombudsman Update, designed to help newly appointed state ombudsmen ensure that school districts comply with the equitable services provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The latest Update is packed with helpful information for ombudsmen and private school officials, including several questions and answers from USDE guidance documents.

Here’s one on the consultation that local educational agencies (i.e., school districts) must conduct with private school officials on equitable services:

Q. Who is responsible for initiating the consultation process?

A. The obligation to initiate the consultation process lies with the LEA that is responsible for providing equitable services. In most cases, the LEA contacts officials of private schools located within its jurisdiction to begin the consultation process on key issues that are relevant to the equitable participation of private school students, teachers and, in some cases, parents in ESEA programs. If this does not occur, private school officials should contact the LEA in which their school is located and ask to speak to the individual(s) responsible for administering ESEA programs.