This school year has been full of local, county, and state agency meetings for the WFIS staff.   WFIS Member school leaders have remained updated of this work through our weekly Member Zoom meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as our WFIS Member Weekly Update e-news distributed every Friday.  This shift to provide more immediate connection to federation members came from the direct feedback of school leaders needing quick answers, clarification and support for managing the every changing expectations pushed onto schools since the start of COVID.

What began as pandemic response for supporting the membership has resulted in a cultural shift for the organization – WFIS schools are more connected, better informed and more engaged with what is happening around the State than ever before!  WFIS will continue to provide these successful forums for engaging and supporting private schools as we move into the future.

The WFIS staff intends to get back to reporting on our agency and committee participation as well as the legislative and policy work we do in Olympia through this website as the world moves from a pandemic to endemic response.  We are grateful for the partnership and communication that has been strengthened with the State Board of Education, OSPI, DCYF, ESDs, local health departments, legislators and the Governor’s office over the last two years, but most especially appreciate our membership for their participation and encouragement.  We truly could not have done this without all coming together!