ACTION NEEDED TODAY! HB 1537 is the first step (written in the last paragraph of the bill) to remove DCYF licensing from private schools. Please send your testimony today through this link and ask for parity in licensing rules for PreK programs in public and private schools that do not take state subsidies.

Substitute HB 1377 permits all approved clock-hour providers to offer CCDEI training using the PESB standards. It was passed out of the Education Committee!

Substitute SB 5515, as applied to private boarding schools, now states, “Residential private schools are exempt from DCYF’s licensing requirements if SBE determines that the school is accredited through a body approved by SBE, and that accreditation covers student living accommodations comparable to DCYF’s licensing requirements, in consultation with DCYF.” WFIS has asked to be added to the “in consultation” stipulation. WFIS is still not happy with DCYF having any responsibility for licensing boarding schools. It has not yet been scheduled for a hearing in Ways & Means.

Second Substitute SB 5315 puts into law the current protocols for the relationship between NonPublic Agencies, Districts, and OSPI. The NPA private schools have invested time and resources to buffer any language requiring burdensome oversight of WA private schools. NPAs and OSPI worked together to rewrite the bill. Legislators have yet to introduce the second Substitute, but we have confirmation that that’s the plan.

SB 5059 requires that all victims in court cases settled in court receive prejudgement interest dating back to the time of the incident. If passed, a school could be saddled with a prejudgement bill that is out of scope for the determined damage. WFIS testified, as did public school districts and county medical, legal, and insurance associations. This bill is still in Ways & Means.

SB 5048 allows public school students to take college-in-the-classroom courses without the cost of college credits. The bill passed the first committee and was sent to Ways and Means. Please get in touch with Senators Mullet and Rolfes to let them know your low-income high school students deserve access to this opportunity. ( and

HB 1615 This Education Savings Account plan would allow students to use state-procured savings to attend private school as one of their options. Many states are establishing these exciting programs to give parents broader choices for educating their children. Unfortunately, the bill has not been scheduled for a hearing.

SB 1479 limits isolation and restraint and requires schools to report if either is used. WFIS was consulted and supported the latest version of the bill. It was approved with amendments.