As of Monday 2/1, ESD 112 had already delivered several hundred pallets (4.4 million items) of PPE to other ESDs using large moving trucks.  Another large quantity of PPE shipments arrived at the end of last week to ESD 112 which included:
  • Youth 3-ply masks (1.65 million of the 2.3 million ordered)
  • Youth face shields (full order of 25k)
  • Gowns (60k of the 191k ordered)
  • Transparent Masks (full order 35k)
  • Vinyl gloves (20k of the 50k ordered)
  • Sanitizer 8oz (full order 16k bottles)
  • Sanitizer 16oz denatured liquid (full order of 8.5k)
  • Sanitizer Wipes (full order 260k packages)
The two significant items they are still awaiting – sanitizing wipes and youth 3-ply masks – are both expected this week. The arrival of these estimated 265 pallets will allow full shipments of up to 26 pallets per trailer to several of the ESDs.
Please remember, each regional ESD then has to open these pallets to break out materials into individual shipments for schools. Supplies are on the way!