Here are resource links from Tuesday 1/17/23 meeting hosted by Corina McEntire, COVID-19 Regional Response Coordinator at ESD112. Please reach out to your local ESD contact with any additional questions.

The BD Veritor SARS-CoV-2 & Flu A+B, also known as BD Triplex, is a rapid antigen point-of-care test that tests for COVID and Influenza A and B from the same sample.  Detailed info is continually being updated here – BD-Veritor-Triplex-Toolkit_Dec-2022-Update  from L2R Toolbox – Learn to Return.

  1. Every school administering the test must have a current MTS (CLIA) Amendment: Test Menu Change Form 505-089 (
  2. Training: (this can be found in Step 3 from the Toolkit)


APPLY FOR OR UPDATE YOUR MTS LICENSE: All test observers administering and resulting point-of-care tests under a district’s MTS license must be trained on all point-of-care testing technologies used at the school’s testing sites.

IDENTIFY TEST OBSERVERS AND ATTEND TRAINING 3 DOCUMENTS : Schools must retain documentation that training has been completed for each test observer.

There is no additional cost for school’s to update an existing CLIA Waiver / MTTS License.  If a school has not already acquired one, the cost is $95.