Today President Biden announced a partnership between Merck and Johnson & Johnson to expand production, and Johnson & Johnson will now begin operations 24/7.  Additionally, he wants K-12 back open for in-person learning.  By instructing State’s to treat in-person learning like the essential service that it is, including child care.

    • Directing every state to prioritize vaccination of educational workforce. Challenge: every educator, school staff member, child care work to receive at least one vaccine by the end of March.
    • They should be able to sign up at a pharmacy or location near them. This may not happen during the first week, but he expressed confidence that we will get there.
    • States will have enough vaccines to vaccinate every adult in America by the end of May.


Watch President Biden’s address which occurred at 1:15pm PST today: [] 

WA State DOH has indicated they will share more as soon as they receive details.

Please ask your school staff to refrain from calling the call center, local pharmacy or healthcare provider until further details are announced.