As your representative to CAPE, WFIS is closely connected to the actions of the federal government that impact our schools.  

Congress is getting closer to approving a budget for FY 2018 (either by December 22 or after additional continuing resolutions), and private schools must bring their influence to bear on continuing the professional development funding for educators outlined in Title II-A of ESEA.  CAPE worked very hard to achieve the equitable share of funds set aside for II-A services to private school teachers be based on the district’s total allocation, in the last reauthorization.  Now the House wants to eliminate funding for Title II-A, while the Senate (at the committee level) has approved level funding for the program at $2 billion.  WFIS and our fellow CAPE organizations support the Senate on this.

Today we ask that you take 3 minutes to leave a message for your Congressperson to let them know that Title II- A funding is important to supporting quality education for children.  Use this action alert established for constituents to call on Congress to provide $2 billion for Title II-A.  Let’s preserve what we won two years ago.