Outlook is published monthly (September to June) by CAPE (Council for American Private Education), of which WFIS is a State CAPE member.  To access the full May 2018 CAPE Outlook, from which excerpts are presented below, go here.


  • “In a case carrying significant consequences for school choice, the Montana Supreme Court heard oral arguments April 6 on whether the state’s tax credit scholarship program is permitted to exclude benefits for families choosing religious schools. The high-profile case involves a web of constitutional clauses, including the Free Exercise Clause of the U.S. Constitution and, of course, the state’s Blaine Amendment…..The overwhelming majority of courts to have considered this issue agree that school choice programs aid families, not schools.”
  • The movie Miss Virginia went into production last month in Los Angeles and will film in Washington, DC, this May.  The film focuses around an inspiring protagonist, Virginia Walden Ford.  She is the “legendary advocate for parent choice in the District of Columbia, who founded Parents for School Choice and worked tirelessly for the passage by Congress of the Opportunity Scholarship Program, the first federally funded K-12 school voucher program in the country.”
  • “The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has published a new comic book series for middle school and high school students called The Story of the Federal Reserve System. According to the New York Fed, the series “provides educators with a resource to teach students about basic economic principles and the Federal Reserve System’s role in the economy. Classroom copies and lesson plans are available” here.