Beginning March 1, 2023, all food establishments must have access to a person who is a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM). The CFPM must ensure the persons in charge are trained and able to control food safety in the establishment. The CFPM does not need to be on-site, but a copy of their valid certificate must be available. Review specifics HERE.
  • The new phrase for “potentially hazardous foods” is “Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS)” foods.
  • TCS foods must have date marking for foods kept more than 24 hours.
  • The temperature for eggs, hamburger, and sausage has been increased to 158°F.
  • Programs must have a written vomit and cleanup plan and train staff.·
King County has created a clear PDF of the updated WAC rules here.
Schools that serve food must reflect updated job responsibilities and training. View a list of accredited organizations that issue food protection manager certifications.