April 13th was the first community engagement webinar for Tier 2 building owners (20,000 sq ft or more of covered space) and community advocates conveying the Clean Buildings Expansion Bill SB 5722 final rule-making steps. Below are links to the webinar recording, slide deck, and a form to submit your comments.

Pre-Rulemaking webinar recording (on YouTube)

Pre-Rulemaking webinar slide deck (PDF)

Pre-Rulemaking webinar comment form

Key takeaways for schools:

  • In July 2025, the Dept of Commerce will notify those building owners with covered space beyond 20,000 that they are Tier 2 and required to participate.
  • Currently, Tier 2 building owners cannot submit any data to the portal (just doing Tier 1 until July 2025), but you can participate in connecting with your utility providers and commenting on the final Tier 2 rules being codified in December 2023 by participating in the upcoming Commerce meetings.
  • Tier 2 will not have a performance standard to meet initially, just benchmarking and reporting. This is very different than what Tier 1 buildings (50,000 sq ft+) are required to fulfill.
  • Tier 2 buildings’ mandatory reporting begins July 1, 2027, and requirements will be Benchmarking, an Energy Management Plan, and an Operations & Management program.

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Upcoming Clean Buildings Tier 2 rule-making community events: