Covid-messaging resources for schools

Clark County Health has provided schools with a COVID School Screening and Exclusion Flowchart which can be shared with families to help them understand the parameters around why a child should be kept home.  Important to note is the qualifying *Not caused by an underlying condition besides the list of symptoms.  A runny nose due to seasonal allergies which occur every year is something attributable to another condition.  Whereas fever is a symptom of illness or infection, always a reason for a child to not be allowed in school.

King County released their King County Schools COVID-19 Response Toolkit and Frequently Asked Questions website for schools and child care. Both are living documents and will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Tacoma Pierce DOH has a School Covid-19 Toolkit with appropriate language in their templates for what and how to communicate with families about Covid-19 outbreak incidents.

Skagit County DOH emailed WFIS their Skagit County_COVID_Repsonse kit and Polly Dubbel, Communicable Disease and Environmental Health Manager at Skagit County Public Health is offering her contact info if schools have any questions or need clarification 360-416-1551

Melisa Fraser shared the Student Code of Conduct 2020-21a and Parent Covid Education information from Gateway Christian Schools.

Char Dekoekkoek shared the Health and Safety Pledge and Community Commitment Agreement that Shoreline Christian Schools is putting forth to students and families.


Schools can share their messaging to students, families and the community by emailing