DCYF renewed its contract with the fingerprint vendor IDEMIA. DCYF has a new Background Check Operations Manager, Ann Lemieux. Contact her at ann.lemieux@dcyf.wa.gov and 509-302-3646.

Here are some recent changes:

  • IDEMIA is opening locations in 25 states with the technology to fingerprint Washington applicants electronically for background check purposes.
  • To promote awareness and complete transparency, IDEMIA now sends DCYF monthly reports with site closures and appointment utilization that show the number of available and scheduled appointments for each site.
  • DCYF covers background check fees across all programs.
  • Current fingerprint background check turnaround times are 22 days if there are no problems and 34 days if there are. DCYF states it is committed to reducing turnaround times and will have aligned specialists’ schedules with business hours/needs to ensure all applications and results are handled within an hour of receipt.

Contact WFIS with information about background checks in your area.

Please take a look at this list for location and hours of operation.