DEL is taking on, with the help of stakeholders, the arduous task of rewriting the licensing WAC for early learning programs.

Here is the latest version:

Several of WFIS’ member schools have contacted us with some specific concerns, specifically teacher credentialing.  WFIS has been in close contact with Nicole Rose and Angela Abrams the two administrators charged with updating the WACs.

This is our chance to weigh in.  Read them and suggest changes to WFIS.  We will compile and talk with DEL about the WACS (constantly) until they are done.

The goal of the rewrite is to meld the expectations for ECEAP programs, Early Achievers, and current WACS into a streamlined document.  The problem will be if these standards become so thick with rules that programs decide it is not worth the hassle and close.  DEL is not interested in closing quality programs.  They are listening and working collaboratively with all who are interested in participating.  SPEAK NOW while we have the chance.