WFIS formed a WAC Alignment Work Group back in early spring to engage early learning professionals on five standards DEL outlined for proposed changes:

Family home and center child care providers, Head Start and Early Childhood Education & Assistance Program (ECEAP) providers, families, and DEL’s Licensing Division are currently negotiating aligned, weighted licensing standards intended to replace chapters 170-295 and 170-296A WAC. 

The draft rules being negotiated are the result of summer discussions rooted in a formal community input process. Negotiations are expected to continue through September or possibly October 2017.  

Read the preliminary drafts to the WACs and learn about the community input and weighting processes HERE.  Comments can be made in conjunction with each preliminary draft most easily online and will be delivered to all negotiators.  Comments can also be emailed directly to a particular negotiating team:

 Family Home ProvidersChild Care CentersFamiliesHead Start/ECEAP | DEL Licensing

The remaining negotiation meeting weekends are:

July 28-30 Olympia Red Lion Hotel – Environment  and   August 25-27 Renton Red Lion Hotel  – Administration.