DOH Testing in Schools website has replaced Learn to Return.


For the 2023-2024 school year:

  • Schools that were part of Learn to Return last year will have access to ordering free testing supplies through the DOH ordering portal.
  • Supplies will include over-the-counter (OTC), point-of-care (POC) rapid antigen, and BD “Triplex” for COVID-19 and flu tests while supplies last.
  • Only schools with an RN and active MTS license can provide on-site testing, but all schools can distribute OTC tests.
  • All tests must be within the printed expiration date or FDA-approved expiration extension date to be used for school testing.
  • Review test types and FDA expiration extensions HERE.
  • Send supply ordering questions to
  • Schools can still reach out to their Educational Service District Coordinators for help answering questions about school testing:
ESD 101

Amy Lutz

ESD 113

Amy Amegatcher

ESD 123

Angela Fry

ESD 105

Anthony Maldonado

ESD 114

Jeff Stepp

ESD 171

Melissa Barajas

ESD 112

Corina McEntire

ESD 121

Stephanie Tortorelli

ESD 189

Erum Mohiuddin