We are waiting for DOH to share the slideshow and webinar recording from March 28, which was full of reminders and clarifications about the immunization schedule and school requirements to track student records.

One key highlight from the webinar was the reminder from DOH that all early learning programs must have measles-immunized staff/volunteers (all adults interacting with children 4 and under). WAC 110-310-0120

The online registry, Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS), holds the immunization records for people of all ages in Washington State. The School and Child Care Immunization Module, a component of WAIIS, is a free and user-friendly web-based tool. It lets users easily track and manage student, child, and school-level immunization information.

Schools and childcare without a nurse on staff can gain access to review the WA Immunization Information System by completing this Digital Information Sharing Agreement.

Two changes for the 2024-25 school year immunization schedule:

  • Students age 10+ may need another TDap
  • Students age 4 as of 9/1 were added to the K12 schedule
There isn’t a “new” TDAP that is needed for 10+ year olds.  The TDAP is still required for 7th grade entry but can be accepted if it is given at age 10 or older.  It will still be the 5 doses of DTAP, plus 1 dose of TDAP for 7th grade entry.
A child that is age 10 in the later years of elementary school does not need to go get a TDAP dose prior to 7th grade entry.  They can, and it will be accepted, but it is not a school requirement.

See the DOH’s Individual Vaccine Requirement Summary for details.