This year, the Department of Health’s school immunization reporting opens Nov. 1 and closes Dec. 1.

Visit DOH’s school reporting pages for details:

Annual Immunization Report specifics

Each child can only have one status, Complete or Out Of Compliance, even though a child could be complete for some immunization requirements, conditional for others, and exempt for still others.

  • A child is COMPLETE if they have a completed CIS on file and have documented immunity to all of the required vaccine-preventable diseases either by vaccination at the appropriate ages and intervals or health care provider documentation of immunity or a documented exemption.
  • A child is OUT OF COMPLIANCE if they do not have documentation of immunity for any one of the immunizations required, and they are not in a temporary conditional period, and do not have a completed COE exempting them from the requirement for immunization against the disease/s missing documentation of immunity.