Next week, the Children’s Alliance is hosting the Early Learning Action Alliance’s one-day retreat to build its advocacy platform for this year’s legislative session. WFIS will be there.

WFIS is on the Executive Board of the Early Learning Action Alliance, a broad coalition of nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of young children through services and school programs. The private school perspective in this coalition has garnered far-reaching support and understanding of the value of diversity in programming for children and families and the professionalism that currently exists within private schools with early learning programs.

One of the topics agreed upon by the directors at our last Zoom meeting was the disruptive nature of licensing visits. Licensors show up any time and often expect four hours of a Director’s time. Directors are exceptionally busy professionals whose constant attention is required to keep teachers, students, and parents safe. It should not be expected that a director can leave their work for half a day on the spot. We expect professional courtesy of a scheduled appointment unless a school program has been notified of a safety complaint. We agree to pursue a change in this practice.