Students in preschool or kindergarten who are four years old or older by September 1 need to have a booster dose of DTaP, polio, MMR, and varicella vaccines. Four-year-olds now need the booster dose that was initially required for kindergarten entry.

  • Schools are not required to get an updated CIS annually, just upon initial enrollment. Additional vaccine doses not on the CIS can be given to the school on a medical vaccination record, and the school can update the CIS.
  • Childcare centers are required to get an annual CIS, for continued enrollment. See page 14 of the Immunization Manual (PDF)
  • Schools and childcare centers shall require, on or before the first day of attendance, either a CIS or COE form that documents a child’s immunization status as required by WAC 246-105-050.
  • Instead of a CIS, staff at a school or child care center using the WAIIS School Module may gain verification that the child is fully immunized as recorded in the WAIIS.

More information is available in the Immunization Manual for Schools, Preschools, and Child Care Facilities (PDF) July 2022 and on the WA State DOH School Immunization Chart.