Common Sense Media emailed partners dedicated to the protection of students this important update on March 5, 2020 asking for help in spreading the words to parents.

As caretakers and educators who keep track of technology trends, we are reminded constantly that kids are tracked every second of every minute they spend online. From kids’ searches, views, and locations to their voices, an immense amount of identifying information is collected by companies. As invasive as this can feel, there are steps you can take to protect kids’ privacy:

  1. Stay informed. Brush up on our latest privacy recommendations for parents and educators to boost your data privacy knowledge.
  2. Flex your rights. Use the new California Consumer Privacy Act (even if you live in another state!) to tell companies to stop profiting from your data.

Kids’ data privacy is key to their digital well-being. That’s why the privacy experts at Common Sense are dedicated to giving you the resources to stay up to date and protect kids and families.

Protect your family’s privacy

Today, 91% of 8- to 18-year-olds have a smartphone in the home. This gives kids access to new opportunities, but it also means that their favorite devices, apps, and websites can collect information about them constantly. Get tips and resources to take the right precautions to keep kids’ data safe, at home and at school, and take control of what companies can do with it when they get it.

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