The WFIS board heard from Ross Hjelseth, Superintendent of Life Christian Academy and the representative for private schools on the WIAA board.  Ross provided a clear summary of WIAA board process, discussions, and initiatives for the last school year and this current year.  Here are some highlights from his report:

The WIAA executive board has 13 members, nine of which are elected and four of which are selected “at-large.”  The WIAA executive board meets four –five times per year and also offers a Hall of Fame event.   As your representative, I do my best to attend all of these meetings and events.

The honorary board consists of representatives from various constituency groups within the state that have an interest or relationship with student activities.  Honorary board members are appointed by their governing organization and serve for a time defined by their organization.  Honorary board members do not vote nor do they attend executive sessions of the executive board.

The jurisdiction of the WIAA board includes league, district, and state level interpretation and decision on issues and violations.  This can be a lengthy process.

The executive board functions with three standing committees within the board structure.  These committees consist of executive board and honorary board members.

Board Sub-Committees:

Handbook – Eligibility Process, Recruiting, Out of season participation, Seasons

Calendar/Culminating Events – Tournament Venues/Contracts, Allocations and Draws for post-season play

Finance – Fees, Ticket prices, Cost management, Revenue Sharing

The board and WIAA staff have been establishing four task force committees whose purpose it is to focus on their area and make potential recommendations for amendments to the WIAA board.  These are:

Classification:   study current classification system

Recruiting:   study all aspects of recruiting students (public and private)

Out of Season/Open Gym:  this will also take in consideration of club sports

National tournament/Amateur status:  impacts schools and students

The board was advised of trending issues, recommendations and concerns to support the important work WIAA does in providing governance of our statewide leagues.