Maybe we should all be wearing these?


To help remind kids of the importance of social distancing amid the coronavirus epidemic, one school in Hangzhou has its young students wearing some special headwear to class.

The hats were all designed and made by the students themselves (presumably with a bit of help from their parents) upon their return to school this week.

Made of cardboard, balloons, and other materials, they create a 1-meter buffer zone around each of the first to third graders.

The hats actually have a historical precedent in the headwear of Song dynasty officials.

Designed by Song founder, Emperor Taizu, those hats had long flaps sticking out from either side to prevent officials from whispering to one another during court assemblies.

They are also reminiscent of the “anti-cheating hats” worn once by Anhui middle-schoolers.

Full article in Shanghaiist includes video footage from the classroom.