DOH releases Ventilation Guidance Nov 2023

The new document Ventilation and Air Quality for Reducing Transmission of Airborne Illnesses does not include any new requirements but parallels the standards we are seeing in county health school facility inspections, so it is a good resource to review with building personnel.

DOH’s School Environmental Health & Safety Fall Workshop, hosted by OSPI and Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, provided a detailed presentation on Indoor Air Monitoring, outlining air pollutant levels, EPA-advised best practices, and new tools recommended for measuring air quality in schools.

Confiscated vape equipment disposal for schools

WFIS attended the Zoom training session “Issues With Disposing Vape Waste: Washington State Requirements for Confiscated and Found Vape Devices” from the WA Department of Ecology last week. Vape equipment has both chemicals and a battery that make it easily combustible. Categorized as hazardous waste, the volume of vape product sales is directly related to an increase in fires at dumps and other locations throughout WA.

Discussions will continue in 2024 around how vape products could be managed by schools with the support of ESDs and other state agencies.

For now, the important thing to know is to remove the battery from any confiscated vape product. Conversations on expectations and policy related to schools will continue in early 2024.

Review the PowerPoint pages 77-33, & 63 focusing on schools.

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease on the rise in WA

County health officials in some state regions are seeing an increase in ‘hand, foot & mouth disease’ (HFM). HFM is highly contagious, and there is no treatment to stop the spread. According to state regulations, students without fever are permitted to be in school or childcare while contagious. Schools should call their local health department and let them know if they have HFM cases in their buildings.

Snohomish County Health’s notification to share with families of HFM if exposure is occurring in the school can be used as a template.

Glucagon in Schools: What is the schools’ responsibility?

Join the webinar at 3 pm on December 13th with DISH (Diabetes in School Health). Featured presenters for this session are Caroline Hudders of Diabetes & Endocrinology, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Annie Hetzel, School Health Services Consultant at OSPI.