HB 1139  is scheduled for an executive session in the House Education Committee on Friday, February 12 at 10:00am.  WFIS is seeking to strike private schools from this bill.
Private schools care about the health and safety of students. However, this bill mandates the same expectation for private schools as public schools without access to the infrastructure or funding to support the requirements.
WFIS has presented remote testimony and contacted legislators on the House Education Committee. In addition, our partner constituency associations also submitted written statements requesting section 5 be stricken from the bill.  While WFIS and our partners work on an amendment to this bill, it would be highly impactful for you to let your legislators understand your concerns.
  1. Follow this link to House Bill 1139 comment page
  2. Verify your school’s legislative district (rather than your home address)
  3. Add your individual contact information
  4. Select “Oppose”
  5. Add your clear & concise comments
  6. Click “Send Comment”
  • Private schools should be taken out of this bill.
  • The importance of private school input when creating bills that impact schools.
  • Private schools should not be lumped in with public school requirements unless they are supported and funded by the State.
  • We care about the health and safety of all students
  • Legislators must consider the barriers to testing and reporting unique to private schools so a realistic and manageable system can be devised.