The Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools, known as ARP EANS or EANS II, ends on September 30, 2024. Schools that qualified for EANS II must utilize the remaining funds for services and goods provided by the OSPI-approved EANS II vendors by this date. All vendor invoices must be updated to Class Wallet by the 11/15/24 deadline. WFIS advises schools that qualified for EANS II to complete this process as soon as possible to be safe.

Please read OSPI’s EANS II Vendor Information letter.

You can find your EANS II balance in Class Wallet. If you need assistance with Class Wallet, e-mail

Other details of importance:

  • If schools used EANS II funds to purchase electronic equipment (computers, laptops, Smartboards, etc.) or assets with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit, OSPI encourages them to continue to use them for their intended purpose throughout their useful life.
  • If schools want to purchase a multi-year online subscription with EANS II funds, please contact Amy or Sheila at OSPI to discuss options.
  • If school leaders have any questions:
  • Amy Harris
  • Sheila Gerrish