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Where Children Have Room To Grow!

Five Acre School provides an active learning environment for children to reach their fullest
potential, in relationship to each other, our community, and the natural world. We foster the social,
emotional, physical, artistic, and intellectual growth of the whole child.

Five Acre School is a small independent school located adjacent to the Dungeness Recreation
Area that serves preschool through 6th grade students. We provide a caring and flexible
educational program emphasizing a child-centered approach. The educational philosophy is to
educate the whole person and promote personal responsibility and accountability. The unique
and robust curriculum integrates traditional academic subjects with music, theater, art, and
outdoor education. We are looking for a friendly, confident, adaptable, and team-oriented
Education Director.

The Education Director oversees all teaching staff, creating a safe and effective learning
environment and ensuring that curriculum and policy are guided by the Five Acre Philosophy.
They motivate all personnel to strive to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth
and development, both educationally and personally. The Education Director reports directly to
the Board of Directors and serves as the face of Five Acre School in the community.

Educational Leadership
● Understands, implements, and strives to ensure instruction is driven by the Mission,
Vision, and Values of the Five Acre School Philosophy.
● Oversees the daily management of the school as it relates to instructional program
implementation and student and staff interactions.
● Oversees educators in the school, providing periodic observations and evaluations that
are timely and constructive.
● Maintains an educational philosophy and school climate which encourages a cooperative
and participating attitude on the part of all teachers and students.
● Facilitates and promotes continuing education and guidance as necessary based on
evaluations of staff and new information in the field of education.
● Leads and participates in hiring, training, and promoting all levels of staff development
while maintaining a dynamic team of instructors.
● Serves as critical liaison between staff and the school’s Board of Directors.

Family & Community Engagement
● Builds and fosters relationships with new families and maintains positive relationships with
current families.
● Supports staff in the development of Personalized Learning Plans for all students.
● Support Staff and families in accessing services outside of Five Acre School such as
Individualized Learning Plan evaluation, counseling, etc. when necessary.
● Builds and fosters relationships, along with the Operations Director, with community
leaders and organizations.

Duties and Responsibilities
● Collaborate with teachers, parents, and students to provide the best education for each
● Participate in parent meetings and conferences, as necessary, and act as intermediary
between parents, teachers, and students as a manager of a variety of needs or issues.
● Provide one-on-one and small group student support with conflict resolution,
social/emotional needs, and behavior guidance.
● Facilitate new family tours/orientations.
● Serve as the main point of contact for parent educational or program concerns.
● Oversee the selection of new teaching staff and recommend salary rates to the Board of
Directors and Operations Director.
● Supervise all classroom staff and administrative staff; collaborate with the Operations

Director and Office Manager regarding administrative staff tasks and workload.
● Schedule and preside over staff meetings.
● Support staff with professional development, continuing education, and certification.
● Motivate employees to meet overall performance goals and evaluate and support staff
● Encourage and initiate continued improvement in curriculum and teaching methods;
observe and evaluate teachers and staff.
● Facilitate conflict management and team building amongst staff.
● Organize substitute staff.
● Assist in student recruitment efforts.
● Represent the school in community activities and meetings.
● Collaborate with the Board of Directors and Operations Director to facilitate charitable
giving campaigns.
● Report routinely to the Board of Directors.
● Collaborate with the Director of Operations on budget management.

Skills and Characteristics
● Positive attitude toward job and a flexible and innovative team builder.
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
● Excellent supervisory and leadership skills.
● Working knowledge of child-centered curriculum and its implementation. Excellent
interpersonal skills with the proven ability to professionally and effectively communicate
with educators, parents, and community leaders.
● Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
● Extremely effective administration of multifaceted operations.
● Thorough understanding of applicable local, state, and federal educational laws,
regulations, policies, and requirements.
● Thorough understanding of instructional methodology.
● Knowledge of best practices in education and educational administration.
● Ability to identify and solve problems.
● Creative thinking skills.
● Ability to create, understand, and implement budgets and budgeting practices.
● Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Required Experience
● Minimum five years of teaching experience required.
● Masters level degree or commensurate experience required; Education focus preferred.
● Experience working in an alternative education environment preferred.
● Non-Profit management experience preferred.

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