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Five Acre School provides an active learning environment for children to reach their fullest potential, in relationship to each other, our community, and the natural world. We foster the social, emotional, physical, artistic and intellectual growth of the whole child.

Five Acre School is a small independent school located adjacent to the Dungeness Recreation Area in Sequim, WA that serves preschool through 6th grade students.  We provide a caring and flexible educational program emphasizing a child-centered approach.  The educational philosophy is to educate the whole person and promote personal responsibility and accountability.  The unique and robust curriculum integrates traditional academic subjects with music, theater, art and outdoor education. We are looking for a friendly, confident, adaptable, and team oriented teacher for our Explorer class (grades 4-6).   This teacher will work with administrative staff  to transition into this role.

Teaching Team: Five Acre School has four multi-age classrooms: Primary (ages 3-5), Discovery (grades K-1), Adventure (grades 2-3), and Explorer (grades 4-6). Primary has four early childhood teachers.  Discovery, Adventure, and Explorer have one lead teacher and depending on class size a co or assistant teacher.  We also have one to two specialty teachers, and three administrative staff.

Our 2021-22 Explorer class will have 22 to 24 students in grades 4-6. We are seeking candidates who have 3-5 years experience working in elementary education and who:

  • Have an understanding of and commitment to Five Acre School’s mission.
  • Are dedicated to nurturing young children and have experience with child centered curriculum.
  • Are  flexible and able to pivot to meet individual students where they are in their development.
  • Are able to prioritize social and emotional needs while balancing academic needs.
  • Have knowledge and/or practice in project- based learning and nature education.
  • Can cultivate an enthusiasm for curiosity and lifelong learning.
  • Have a commitment to celebrating individual students in relationship to a community of learners.
  • Stay motivated striving towards a common purpose through excellent communication, listening skills and by valuing ideas and opinions of colleagues and students.
  • Engage in self-reflection with respect to teaching content and practice and its impact on students.
  • Have an ability to recognize, and a commitment to interrupting, biased behavior in and out of the classroom.
  • Degree in Elementary Education, WA state teaching certification, or alternate certification (i.e. Montessori or out of state) is preferred. Background and experience in brain development, childhood trauma, and outdoor education are significant assets.

Curriculum: Our our project-based learning curriculum is developed in house and is supplemented with the following:

  • “Everyday Mathematics” (University of Chicago)
  • “Handwriting without Tears”
  • Reading A-Z

Expectations for a Lead Teacher:

  • Be an active participant in the Five Acre teaching philosophy.
  • Form close relationships with children, getting to know each child on a deep level, and forming collaborative and mutually respectful relationships with parents.
  • Planning and implementing individualized learning for the whole child –social, emotional, physical, artistic and intellectual development.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to implement a “whole-child” project-based curriculum that allows children to build on prior knowledge, experience and interests.
  • Maintain a child-centered environment that fosters positive autonomous/self managed learning.
  • Keep parents informed of the learning happening in the classroom, on an ongoing basis, including documentation and conferences.

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