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The Gardner School is seeking a dynamic, experienced, highly skilled classroom teacher to join our community as the school’s next 5th/6th Grade Homeroom Teacher. We are looking for a compelling classroom teacher who is committed to progressive education, inspired to innovate, and able to add value to our outstanding school.

The 5th/6th Grade Teacher would create an environment where students develop the knowledge, skills, creativity, work habits, and social maturity to live an inspired life connected to themselves, their community, and their world. With small class sizes and close communications with parents, our middle school classroom is a highly personalized learning environment that allows young adolescents time to find their own voices.

The Gardner School seeks to develop confident and competent learners who manage their own learning, think critically and with curiosity, take pride in the quality of their work, effectively participate in collaborative learning, and contribute to the classroom, the school, and the broader community.

The ideal 5th/6th Grade Teacher candidate will be highly effective in using progressive educational strategies such as inquiry-, project-, and place-based, interdisciplinary, and experiential learning. The ideal teacher can differentiate and individualize instruction in ways that maximize student engagement and achievement. This teacher can expertly guide students through long-range thematic learning experiences and culminating projects and presentations.

5th and 6th Grade Job Posting

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