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Discovering Students’ Gifts Since 1969

Hillside Student Community provides a challenging middle school and college preparatory high school program centered on recognizing, appreciating, and sharing our gifts with one another. We believe the development of a creative person, intellectually and artistically, is the highest goal for the school. Small class sizes of 8 to 12 students ensure success and nurture community.

We are located on five acres of cedar and fir forest on Cougar Mountain.

In addition to fostering academic excellence, we encourage students as they:

  • Risk mistakes—believing that errors are stepping-stones to creativity and learning
  • Explore feelings and choose responsible actions
  • Discover their own gifts
  • Celebrate the gifts of others
  • Participate in a nurturing, respectful environment

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  • Bachelor’s degree plus current Washington State teaching certificate (preferred) or 45 additional credits or a higher degree in the Humanities related to secondary school education
  • Recent experience with this age group
  • Demonstrates excitement and love of literature and writing and is eager to share that enthusiasm with students
  • Can flourish with the academic freedom to develop their own curriculum
  • Creates an environment where students feel safe to risk making mistakes and learning from them
  • Has the ability to forgive oneself and others
  • Has a clear sense of humor and appreciation for others
  • Awareness of and ability to articulate the developmental and academic needs and behaviors of middle and high school students
  • Manages classroom effectively and fairly
  • Demonstrates the ability to work well as a flexible and positive team member
  • Demonstrates respect for each student and staff member
  • Clearly communicates with students, parents, and other staff members
  • Eager to support the development of the Hillside community
  • Demonstrates the desire to grow as a teacher and a learner


I. Teach four regular classes

  • 7th & 8th grade combined, Literature and Composition (one daily 50-minute period)
  • 9th grade American Literature and Composition (one daily 50-minute period)
  • 7th – 11th grade Writing Support Class (one daily 50-minute period)
    10th & 11th grades, combined, American Literature and Composition (taught in 3 approximately month-long afternoon block classes alternating with 3 month-long blocks taught by another teacher—see schedule below)

II. Teach September and May/June Elective Blocks (1/6 – 1/4 courses)

  • Electives are to be decided in discussion with the candidate

III. Substitute and provide staff support as needed during zero period and afternoon block classes that the candidate does not teach.

2022-2023 academic schedule is as follows:
8:20 am – 9:10 am (Zero Hr.) – Possible Substitute Time

9:15 am – 10:05 am (First Hr.) – Teach the 7th & 8th grade Literature and Composition course, 8-13 students enrolled. Course is taught daily throughout the entire academic year.

10:07 am – 10:57 am (Second Hr.) – Teach the 9th & 10th grade American Literature & Composition course, 5-10 students enrolled. Course is taught daily throughout the entire academic year.

10:59 – 11:49 am (Third Hr.) – Writing Support Class. Course is taught daily throughout the entire academic year.

12:43 pm – 3:20 pm (Block B) – teach the 10th & 11th grade American Literature & Composition course as a month long block class only three times in the academic year. Course will be taught on the following dates:

  • Block IB – Oct. 24, 2022 – Nov. 23, 2022
  • Block IIB – Jan. 12, 2023 – Feb. 13, 2023
  • Block IIIB – March 27, 2023 – May 3, 2023

The two high school classes would cover the same material at different levels of ability.

NOTE: the high school classes are in a 3-year rotation with American Literature taught in 22-23, Modern World Literature in 23-24, and Ancient through Renaissance World Literature in 24-25.

Additional responsibilities which would include additional pay:

  • Possibility of occasional or daily van driving (must be over 25 with valid Washington state driver’s license and passes insurance company van driver test)
  • Possibility of an afterschool club

Comparable to area independent private schools.

Application process:
Interested parties are invited to submit a 1) cover letter, 2) resume, 3) letters of recommendation, 4) and any other relevant information, such as a video of a lesson presented. Such a video is particularly valuable. If a match looks promising, a visit and interview with faculty members as well as a tour of the campus from the director will be arranged.

Candidates are also normally asked to present a lesson to our students if feasible. To do so, proof of full vaccination is required. Details pertaining to the lesson will be discussed beforehand.

Please send inquiries to
Kael Sherrard, Director
Re English Position
Hillside Student Community School
5027 159th Pl SE
Bellevue, WA 98006
contact via email at

No phone calls please.

Posted: May 18, 2022
Closing: When filled

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