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This is a Full-Time position for the 2024-2025 Academic School Year.
Compensation: between $50,000 – $93,888 per year, DOE
Benefits: Competitive package including medical, dental, vision, up to 85% King’s school discount for dependent child(ren) (K-12) and 4-weeks of paid parental leave.

CRISTA Ministries (“CRISTA”) is a Christian church community that exists to exercise and express its Christian beliefs. At the core of our Christian church community is the belief that as Christians, we are part of the priesthood of all believers, set forth in I Peter 2. We believe this priesthood calling rests upon all Christians and is a foundational, spiritual practice of our CRISTA community. This priesthood calling evokes within us the response to view our work as our ministry. We believe that all representativesof our community are ministers of the gospel and play equally important roles in exercising, expressing and teaching our beliefs (I Corinthians 12: 17-23).
CRISTA exists to make known the love of Jesus Christ through demonstrated works of service and ministry. We use every method available so that the people of the world may hear the Gospel, accept Christ as their Savior, and grow in their faith. We are a united family of Biblical Ministries inspired by a shared vision to serve and impact the young through the elderly, all cultures and backgrounds, in our own backyard and around the world through excellence in our service and operations. By leading a healthy and sustainable organization, CRISTA empowers its ministries to serve the needs of the world and share the Gospel, making disciples. Our commitment is to glorify, honor and obey the Lord in all we do through a workforce of ministers: our staff and volunteers who are called, committed, and faithful Christians.
CRISTA leads five distinct ministries in alignment with our calling to draw people into a transforming relationship with Christ. From World Concern’s relief and development efforts around the globe; from CRISTA Media’s stations that broadcast uplifting messages and music through your radio dials to the fireside songs that bring joy to campers year-round at CRISTA Camps; from the young minds equipped with knowledge at King’s Schools to the seniors receiving exceptional care at CRISTA Senior Living. Whether traversing the globe or right in our backyard, the CRISTA family of ministries is empowered to meet the needs of those we serve with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Missions Statement: CRISTA is a family of Ministries empowered to serve the needs of the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Vision Statement: To transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sustainable, Biblical Christian ministries.

Christ-Centered: We approach our work by faith, prayerfully believing God will do the miraculous.
Servanthood: We serve our world by meeting needs practically and spiritually.
Uncompromising Integrity: We are honest, transparent, and trustworthy – reflecting Jesus in all we do.
Holy Stewardship: We honor and maximize the potential of the resources, assets, and people God has entrusted to us.
Excellence: We serve with excellence knowing that we represent God in our work, words, and actions.
Unified Team: We are One CRISTA, united in the vision to transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Inspiring hearts and equipping minds to serve God for His glory.
The High School Biology Teacher is responsible for student learning and supervision in collaboration with colleagues, counseling staff and administration.  Advise and guide students regarding academic, personal, spiritual, and vocational concerns.   Be passionate about fulfilling the King’s Schools mission of “Inspiring hearts and equipping minds to serve God for His glory.”
The following are the essential duties of King’s Teachers who play a vital role in accomplishing the Christian mission and ministry of King’s Schools specifically, and of CRISTA generally.

Christ-centered Leadership and Education
Foremostly, model a committed Christian faith and personal relationship with Jesus and minister to the spiritual needs of students and our school community through all activities undertaken in Teacher’s role.
Educate students in a manner consistent with, and reflective of, the Christian tenets of the Statement of Faith and the CCC, including the incorporation of these shared Christian religious beliefs and conduct into all student curricula (sometimes referred to as integrating faith and learning, or integration of a biblical worldview) and programming.
Teach a biblical worldview that is integrated into all curriculum and activities.
Demonstrate knowledge of the Bible and application of a biblical worldview to subject matter and teacher’s conduct as a minister in our school community.
Through godly leadership, engage and inspire the academic, spiritual and emotional growth of students.
Be ready and available to lead staff devotionals and staff prayer.
Discipleship and Spiritual Development

Model a personal and growing Christian faith that aligns with CRISTA’s Statement of Faith and Christian Community Commitment (CCC). Contribute to the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical welfare of the students.
Minister to the spiritual needs of students and develop a vibrant Christian faith community.
Support the spiritual needs of students through relationship and personal modeling of Teacher’s own Christian faith.
Lead classes in daily prayer.
Instruct and be available to lead and support students’ spiritual formation.
Oversee and support chapel attendance and students’ spiritual engagement at chapel.

Use professional innovation around teaching and learning in regard to best practices, standards alignment, assessment, differentiation and digital learning.
Collaborate and work to fulfill established school, departmental and classroom goals.
Follow established school protocols regarding teaching, learning, and student/parent communication and engagement.
Pursue growth both professionally and personally.
Relate teaching and learning to truth and a Christian worldview by encouraging and practicing Christ-likeness in responses to faith, empathy, and obedience.
Advise and guide students to resources regarding academic, personal, spiritual and vocational concerns.
Confer with students, parents and administration regarding students of concern.
Participate in committees, professional learning communities and relevant school activities as assigned.
Update and maintain online gradebook and homework communication.
Accurately maintain attendance and academic records.
Conduct that reflects well on CRISTA Ministries and aligns with its mission, vision, Statement of Faith and Christian Community Representative Commitment (CCC).

Belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior
Is a committed Christian who is dedicated to continued spiritual growth and development as evidenced through a growing personal walk with God (e.g. daily spiritual rhythms of prayer, fellowship, Bible study, etc).
Prayerfully seeks God’s will in their own lives and in their ministry at CRISTA.
Engages our ministry including staff and colleagues through prayer, participation in spiritual practices, leading devotionals and other spiritual practices.
Affirms, aligns with and supports CRISTA’s Statement of Faith and Christian Community Representative Statement (CCC).
Conducts themselves in a manner which reflects well on CRISTA Ministries and aligns with its mission, vision, Statement of Faith and Christian Community Representative Commitment (CCC).
Demonstrates the values of a CRISTA leader.
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university recognized by the United States Department of Education or equivalent. Experience may be considered in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree as long as the Bachelor’s degree is scheduled to be completed within 1 year of hire.
Maintain professional certification and endorsements as required by King’s Schools and the State of Washington.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Grading software and Homework webpage.
Dress appropriately for area of service and keep in mind responsibility as an adult role model and representative of CRISTA Ministries to various constituencies.
Maintain professional standards.
Remain alert to academic developments and be a continuing student of the educative process.
Attend regularly scheduled devotions, meetings, and assigned conferences with parents or professionals.
Arrive at school ½ hour prior to start and stay ½ hour after completion of school daily unless excused by prearrangement or official school business  requires early arrival or late departure.
Maintain an active interest in the church (local and worldwide) and community affairs and represent the school effectively in these areas.

CRISTA is a Christian, religious organization that lives out its faith-based mission through five ministries: CRISTA Camps, CRISTA Media, CRISTA Senior Living, King’s Schools, and World Concern.  As permitted by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, CRISTA reserves the right to prefer employees of a particular religion and to require its employees to hold certain religious beliefs, engage in certain religious observances, and engage in or refrain from engaging in certain behavior, based on CRISTA’s religious beliefs. CRISTA’s employees must agree with and support without reservation CRISTA’s Statement of Faith and must conduct themselves in accordance with the religious beliefs and practices that flow from that Statement of Faith and CRISTA’s Christian Community Policy.
Among those employees and employment applicants who agree with and support without reservation and abide by the Statement of Faith and CRISTA’s Christian Community Policy, CRISTA does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, genetic information, or any other protected characteristic. Based on its religious beliefs, CRISTA values and respects the dignity of all persons and appreciates the diversity of God’s creation.

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