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TITLE:  Director of Teaching and Learning


CLASSIFICATION:  Salaried, Exempt


Mission: To empower our students through academic excellence and quality enrichment to be revolutionary world changers who inspire others to love and follow Jesus. Also to provide instructional leadership and management within the designated area. This position will initially have a half teaching load attached with a graduated reduction in the teaching load until the 3rd year. It is planned for this position to be a full time administrative position. The focus will be K-8 in the first year.



A commitment to Jesus Christ and the philosophy of Christian Education
Collaborative leadership and management skills
Excellent organization and clerical skills
An ability to communicate effectively
A desire for individual team members to be professionally developed
The ability to include team members in decision making and the implementation of whole school or departmental initiatives
A willingness to stay current with educational and pedagogical trends
Primary Duties and Responsibilities:


Directly Responsible for:

High School Heads of Department/Subject and Primary School Grade Level “Lead Teachers” (curriculum and pedagogy only); LIFE program; Gifted and Talented Program.
Liaise with:

·         Headmaster on strategic initiatives and plan for improved academic outcomes for students at a fortnightly meeting

·         Principals, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Academic Guidance and Assessment, Director of Student Support, Secondary Heads of Department/Subjects and Elementary grade level “Lead Teacher” to ensure the smooth delivery and implementation of syllabuses and curriculum (academic, social and emotional), including their planning and assessment

·         Primary and Secondary Learning Support Departments re: student needs and progress, and external and internal testing results

·         Librarian to ensure a coordinated approach to research and referencing expectations of students

·         Classroom teachers through the delivery of professional development sessions and individually, as required


Attendance and participation in:

·       Annual strategic planning sessions

·       Teacher interviews as required by the principals

·       Annual Awards events

·       Parent and student information sessions

·       Staff, Heads of Department/Subjects, Coordinator and Executive meetings, where appropriate


Leadership and mentoring role, including:

·       Internal professional development in the areas of pedagogy, planning and assessment  for teaching staff as a group and individually – weekly, as required, for whole teaching staff

·       Mentoring and supporting Heads of Department/Subjects in their leadership and academic roles

·       Developing an induction process for new teachers re: curriculum scope; pedagogical norms and the development of a planning and assessing framework (in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty)

·       Research and oversee the effective implementation of a research based Teaching and Learning Framework

·       Ensuring that all students who speak on a public platform while representing LCA are coached and well-prepared


Curriculum and Organisational Role, including:

·       Overseeing development of curriculum for Kinder – Grade 12;

·       Assisting in investigating the resource needs of departments and generating orders, where appropriate;

·       Overseeing the Learning Support Department and its operations in the whole school including Title 1 funding and allocations;

·       Establish a structured and comprehensive Gifted and Talented program for the whole school;

·       Work in conjunction with the Dean of Academic Guidance and Assessment to ensure a streamlined approach to:

·       overseeing and participating in the delivery of SAT preparation for Grade 12 students

·       overseeing the distribution of materials and analysing the results from external testing including:

Ø  AP subject examinations

Ø  PIPS Test

·       Conducting and chairing fortnightly Heads of Department/Subject meetings, including generating an agenda and distributing the minutes;

·       Overseeing and analysing the results from internal whole school testing/monitoring:

Ø  Standardised testing

Ø  Management and implementation of CTP5

Ø  Advise the K – 8 Principal on interim assessments and the implementation of ERB and CTP testing and preparation methods

Ø  any others, as required;

Ø  Analysis of Senior results including: SAT Scores, GPAs, and Destinations Surveys, trends and patterns over time

·       Assisting the Dean of Academic Guidance and Assessment, Dean of Faculty and Director of Student Support with the planning of student  and parent information sessions;

·       Development of strategies/plan of action to address weaknesses and trends as revealed through internal and external testing, and senior grades;

·       Conducting an annual review into subject scope offered and extension thereof; and

·       Collating and submitting an annual Curriculum budget.


Professional Development:

·       Organisation of professional development opportunities both externally and internally; including teachers preparation for AP exams, standardised testing instruments and the SAT;

·       Involvement in planning professional development opportunities for teachers on student-free days and retreats;

·       Regular updating of teaching staff re: professional development opportunities;

·       The initial formulation and then Administration of an annual appraisal and feedback process on the quality of classroom instruction and success in meeting the objectives of LCA;

·       Attending information sessions and making sure that all necessary College personnel are updated;


Creating and Editing:

·       Editing of LCA documents, as required by the Headmaster, in conjunction with Advancement Staff, and accreditation;

·       The development of a Professional Development Policy document;

·       The development and maintenance of a teacher homework, assessment and reporting handbook;

·       Annual Report matrix and final document;

·       Participation in all information nights; and

·       Development of an Annual Academic and Professional Development strategic plan.


Generic duties:

·       Other reasonable duties as assigned; and

·       Contribute to a positive, productive and enjoyable workplace.


Schedule: Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00pm/additional evening hours

Hours: 40 hours a week

Supervisor: Headmaster, K-8 and High School Principals

Benefits: Paid Leave, Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability and Life Insurance

Lasted updated 5/21/2018

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