WFIS reached out to the school law team at Karr Tuttle Campbell firm to host the first Private School Legal Seminar for schools in WA state in almost 10 years. Schools from the various constituency groups, members and non-members of WFIS, gathered to listen, learn and share ideas on the current legal landscape every private school must navigate.

Tracy Miller, School Law Attorney at KTC, lead an expert filled team on a full day of sessions, kicking off with an overview of the laws that apply to WA State private schools.  From there attendees chose break-out session topics focused on employment law, students, governance, contractual relationships, negligence liability, and discrimination.  Presentations were detailed, in-depth, and presented case studies from which the group could wrestle with complex perspectives.  The closing forum convened the full KTC team to fill in the blanks on attorney-client relationship, loss prevention through advising, crisis management, handling documentation, investigations, media strategies, involving law enforcement and preparing for litigation.

Everyone participated fully making a long day, rich with content and consideration, seem to fly by.  The Legal Seminar was a highly successful forum for schools to receive information, consider complex topics, and get answers needed to support the long-term health of their private school.  Feedback from the post-event survey let WFIS know legal concerns run wide for schools who would seek support like this on a regular basis.

Thought this was very valuable time. Would encourage WFIS to keep looking to host events such as this.”

“Do this more often with different topics!”

“All topics are relevant and pertinent to private schools….Is it possible to have this be a virtual/webinar presentation so more of our staff can participate?”

Presentations were well done with lots of good information, maybe each session can have 15 more minutes to allow Q&A.?”

Suzie Hanson, WFIS Executive Director with Tracy Miller, Karr Tuttle Campbell Shareholder