HB 1982 Concerning school safety.  This bill provides Inclusion of private schools in communication and mapping for school safety funding.  WFIS members are requesting for the hearing to be next week.  Contact your representative by phone or email to tell them that school safety for all kids – in both public and private schools – is a top priority they should act on.

Legislator email addresses are first name.last name@leg.wa.gov.  

The Chair is very important to call/email  SharonTomiko.Santos@leg.wa.gov


HB 1777 – Concerning the financing of Early Learning Facilities.  K12 Public Schools are making classroom size smaller and running all-day Kindergarten programs.  These two efforts create space issues for early learning programs. This bill is a request for capital funding for the creation of new early learning spaces.  For ECEAP alone, the state needs 400 new classrooms.


SB 5357 Establishing a pilot project to license outdoor early learning and child care programs. This bill has made it out of Committee and now onto Ways and Means before heading to the next chamber. It’s intent is to establish a four-year pilot project to license outdoor, nature-based early learning and childcare programs.  As written, this bill authorizes the Department of Early Learning to waive or adapt licensing and Early Achievers requirements when necessary to allow for the operation of outdoor classrooms.

HB 1661 – Creating the department of children, youth, and families. By Request: Office of the Governor.

Creates the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) and moves responsibility for early learning from the Department of Early Learning (DEL) and child welfare programs from the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to the DCYF effective July 1, 2018 and juvenile justice programs from the DSHS to the DCYF effective July 1, 2019.

Creates an Office of Innovation and Alignment within the Office of the Governor with the duty to develop a plan for the establishment of the DCYF.

SB 5028 – Requiring teacher preparation programs to integrate Native American curriculum developed by the office of the superintendent of public instruction into existing Pacific Northwest history and government requirements.

HB 1601 Concerning the beginning educator support team program. By Request: Office of the Governor.  Expands the beginning educator support team program for teachers and adds a program component for beginning principals.