The legislators are writing many policy bills this year. They are also writing the State’s Budgets. Thus far, a handful of bills will impact private schools. Here are a few of them:

  • Senate Bill 5315: Sets new rules about mandatory compliance visits from OSPI to private schools acting as nonpublic agencies. These schools offer special services to public school students in need of support.
  • Senate Bill 5316: Removes all FEES for background checks for early learning teachers and staff.
  • Senate Bill 5048: Pays the cost of credits for all public school students taking college in high school. WFIS would like private school students who qualify to be supported by the state in this way.
  • Senate Bill 5020: Changes the compulsory education age from 8 to 6. WFIS is still determining what private school leaders think about this change.

We will discuss these bills and others at the weekly Zoom meetings on Tuesday at 2 pm for K12 and Thursday at Noon for early learning.