On Monday November 18th, Northshore Christian Academy, one of 5 WA school recipients of the 2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards, welcomed 38th district Representative June Robinson and 38th district Representative Mike Sells for a school tour.  WFIS Executive Director Suzie Hanson joined NCA Superintendent Holly Leach and all of the NCA principals in leading the Representatives through the schools robotics space – a two room facility which combines a maker-space and a robotics lab, the new middle school building, and the licensed early-learning program center.  


The tour was lead by Diane Winningham, Early Learning Center- 2nd grade Principal; Pam Jackson, NCA Assistant Principal; Kristen Kreutner, 3rd-5th grade Principal and STEM Coordinator; Lisa Walchenbach, Fine Arts Program Director; and Holly Leach, NCA School Superintendent. 

Remarked Suzie Hanson “The tour truly conveyed what a phenomenal school NCA is from their facilities to their rich programming, and the diverse community of students they serve.”

Today, the entire NCA school community is invited to join leaders who are returning from Washington D.C. with the Blue Ribbon School award and flag. There will be speeches and presentations from local dignitaries and State Representatives, NCA families past and present and the school jazz band and sixth grade choir will perform.

“We are grateful to share all that God has done in achievement of this great honor” says Superintendent Holly Leach.