On Thursday, May 2, WFIS attended the Tacoma Pierce County Health District schools meeting led by Environmental Health Specialist Lori Karnes. One relevant agenda topic – Pollution Prevention Assistance – applies to private schools statewide:

The Safe Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidance for Schools (wa.gov) was updated in February. It now includes new things, such as student instrument cleaning.

Also, guidance on using 3D printers at school was recently updated. The Department of Health no longer allows emissions to be discharged inside the building. “Anything producing contaminants need to be controlled by mechanical exhaust ventilation of the pollutants.” 3D Printers | Washington State Department of Health

Additionally, we learned that through the Department of Ecology, schools can apply for the Small Change Voucher—$500 annually—to assist with legacy chemical clean-up or new storage, free spill kits, and support with Best Management Practices. Please reach out to your local health jurisdiction to learn more.