WFIS participated in Pierce County’s Fall School Advisory meeting on Thursday. The agenda covered CTE safety, fee updates, and NEW school self-inspection checklists.

Pierce County administers School Kitchen, New School, and 2-year Renewal School Inspections. WFIS advocated for the Pierce County schedule to move to a 3-year cycle to mirror that in other regions of the state. Running a 2-year inspection cycle is both financially burdensome and time-consuming for schools.

Nov 1, the Pierce County Board of Health voted to approve a 6.2% increase for all service fees in 2024. Scroll down to the Tell Us What You Think section, which provides a public comment survey!

Though each LHJ develops its protocol for school oversight, all baselines are set by the DOH and L&I, making it highly likely that expectations, advisories, and tools developed for one region will be helpful for all schools to review.

Top 5 shop safety topics to be ready for during an inspection:

  1. Machine guarding – guards must be in place when students are using.
  2. Protective Equipment – what students must use, a system to sanitize and store correctly.
  3. Housekeeping – everyone is responsible for putting everything in its place.
  4. PPE PLAN – written policy for what is needed for each task or piece of equipment.
  5. Unobstructed egress and emergency equipment with established protocol.