The Floor Striker Bill, 2ESSB5315, written by Republican Representatives Couture and Rude and agreed upon by Rep Santos, passed the House this week, relabelling an “NPA” to an “Education Center.” WFIS and fellow advocates opposed this shift but worked with the House to make the bill palatable should it pass. The Senate agreed with our objections and ruled that the House amendment was outside of the scope and object of the original Senate bill. So now the bill goes back to the House, and they can:

  1. remove the amendment and just pass the Senate version of the bill,
  2. try adding a different amendment to the bill and then send it back to the Senate again, or
  3. do nothing and just let the bill die.

SB5315 directly impacts 27 private schools that have worked all session to help craft a bill that works for the schools and their students. The House and Senate have just one week before this legislative session ends.