This week, WFIS connected with school leaders at the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS) Spring Heads Meeting at Alderbrook, which offered valuable professional development and collaboration opportunities. Suzie attended the third day of the conference, which included an intense session on private school legal issues that will be discussed at next week’s Zoom meetings.

In addition, there was a session called “Working Together in Times of Crisis: Navigating Difficult Conversations,” led by Asheq Fazullah and Sara Zebovitz from Interfaith Philadelphia. Interfaith Philadelphia’s mission is to foster social harmony and inter-religious understanding by equipping individuals and communities in interfaith issue resolution through engagement, building collaborative relationships, and standing in solidarity with diverse neighbors. The session felt timely and beneficial, with presenters offering practical strategies to steer conversations toward mutual understanding, such as the art of listening for values, allowing uninterrupted speech, and managing the audience’s expectations.

NWAIS consistently delivers thoughtful and robust professional development conferences for its members. School leaders invest in their relationships with one another, sharing laughs, cold plunges, and sing-alongs that bond them in spirit and provide the support they each need in their challenging jobs. WFIS is honored to represent NWAIS’ Washington Schools.