WFIS shared several questions from our private school leaders’ meetings with OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal at our monthly meeting.   Since the COVID crisis erupted, the opportunity for a monthly check-in has provided private schools and the state agency with greater understanding and means of collaboration.


At the top of WFIS’ list was planning for next academic year and the 3’ vs. 6’ distance regulations which inadvertently create several barriers to success for schools.  The biggest being lunch time at 6’ in classrooms, when the tables are set for 3’ distance during learning.  SI Reykdal is aware of the problem, as all public and private schools are faced with navigating this challenge.  Sometime in the summer, most likely, the DOH will be releasing guidance for the opening of school in fall.
The group was pleased to learn that WA State will be applying for EANS II, the ARP-EANS although OPSI has no idea how the mechanics will work yet, given that questions related to completion of the application for the first round of EANS funding are still getting worked out.  SI Reykdal conveyed his support in getting questions that OSPI’s CFO T.J. Kelly is working on for schools resolved as soon as possible.