At the beginning of May, the EPA changed several Air Quality Index (AQI) breakpoints that impacted DOH health guidance for fine particle pollution (PM2.5) and lowered quality thresholds from good to moderate. There will likely be more days in the yellow zone because the moderate/unhealthy categories now have a lower threshold.

It has become more apparent that smoke adversely impacts health. Smoke conditions should be considered for summer athletic practices and camps this summer and next fall.

Reminder: Local LHJs are advising that bad air days are a trigger for cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks, strokes, syncope, and other vascular issues, especially for people working outdoors (bus drivers, landscapers, etc). Employers should supply outdoor workers with PPE in unhealthy air scenarios, according to the law implemented in Jan 2024.

The WA Children & Youth Actives Guide for Air Quality is the same as the 2023 version.