Andrew Rauch is the WFIS representative working with OSPI on the School Safety Advisory Committee (SSAC), and the Facilities Manager for Epiphany School.  He tries to hold meetings for private school Facilities Managers every quarter, though finding a host site for the group to gather often presents a challenge.   Please contact Andrew at if your school has a small room to host a future working lunch meeting!  The next event is slated for Fall 2018.  

Andrew led the spring Facilities Managers Meeting on Friday April 6th at Evergreen School.  He began by providing an update from the OSPI meeting of SSAC that was the day before, which included Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) and current School mapping requirements – (Rapid Responder may go away), as well as the work to be done implementing solid School Notification. The next OSPI School Safety Summit date has not been set. 

The group discussed EDS’s as resources for safety training and more.  There was a debrief of the Parkland, FL shooting.  Chris Bruno, the Resource Conversation Manager from Issaquah School District, informed the group about LED lighting upgrades. He also spoke about the technical, practical and political aspects of these projects.

News was shared that NWAIS is soliciting volunteers to help organize a facilities managers conference, though this summer bi-annual event has been cancelled. Emily McGrath, Associate Director of NWAIS who coordinates all of their professional development programs, said if folks connect with her expressing a commitment then NWAIS would consider holding a conference in 2019.  Facilities Managers at this spring meeting expressed that they think the conference is a must.  Contact Emily at