OSPI’s Title Funds Ombuds hosted a webinar on Feb. 29th outlining the steps and requirements for districts and private schools in the 2024-25 school year. OSPI’s Private School Participation in Federal Programs webpage has abundant resources, rules, forms, and contact information. Download this year’s Equitable Services PPT presentation. The 2/29/24 webinar recording malfunctioned, but last year’s remains posted with similar details.

OSPI 2/29/24 webinar key takeaways about consultations:

  • Districts are typically the initiators in the dialogue, but this is a heavy burden in many regions.
  • The LEA is supposed to consult with you before transferring funds into specific titles. You may have ideas that change their thinking about needs.
  • The LEA & school relationship requires effort on both sides to make it solid and successful for students.

Private Participation in Federal Programs application

The annual Title Funds Application for PS to Participate is set to open on April 2, which is a little bit later than prior years so as not to interfere with annual approval.  Here is Guidance on the EDS System Application. The application is for a school’s “intent to participate.” If you are open to accepting any, you can mark all title funds as potential opportunities.