The Professional Educator Standards Board comprises twelve members appointed by the Governor, most of whom are practicing educators. PESB is responsible for policy and oversight of Washington’s educator preparation, certification, assignment, and development (RCW). In addition, PESB works to strengthen the State’s educator workforce through initiatives that address educator shortages, reduce barriers to the profession, and increase workforce diversity.
Private Schools had two positions on this board before it was reorganized. The Executive Director of the PESB, Erica Hernandez-Scott, is encouraging about private schools having a representative on the board. There was at least one opening this fall: Position 5, a 4-year term for a certificated Educator.

WFIS knows of two highly qualified candidates from the private school community who recently applied to the PESB board. There is detailed information on the PESB website, including the Handbook. This board meets every other month for two days in different parts of the State.