Professional Learning with WFIS

Learning Summits

WFIS hosts annual events for member schools and the greater community of Washington State to foster dialogue about private education advocacy as well as key topics most relevant to independent schools.

WFIS Summits are geared to the diverse cross-section that comprises private education offering high quality presentations, intimate networking opportunities, and lively learning sessions that provide enrichment for school leaders, admin staff, teachers, facilities personnel, students and families.

Professional Development & Resources

Professional Development is the most effective strategy for educators to strengthen their practice throughout their career. Policymakers, community leaders, and families have a responsibility to ensure that educators engage in professional learning as an ongoing process, and apply that learning to increase student achievement.

WFIS sources effective Professional Development so educators can focus on ensuring all students achieve success.  In addition, WFIS member schools gain access to resources that aid classrooms, staff meetings, board planning, and day-to-day best practices in schools.

Professional Education Advisory Boards

The Professional Educators Advisory Board (PEAB) is a system unique to WA State implemented to benefit degree and certification programs by providing advisors who are invested educational advocates to ensure our state’s teacher preparation programs have their standards reviewed at least once every five years. WFIS helps support the PEAB mission to prepare educators who demonstrate a positive impact on student learning. 

WFIS will fill requests for a PEAB Member and accepts nominations of a fellow staff member as candidate for future PEAB openings.