Realizing the Dream is a monumental 5-year movement by Martin Luther King III and his family to unite and uplift communities across America. How? By calling for 100 million hours of service by the 100th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth.

This ambitious initiative is designed to mobilize and inspire youth, educators, and entire communities to take action on local issues through meaningful acts of service. Beginning in August 2024, Realizing the Dream will offer curated K-12 service-learning curriculum on various topics like mental health, financial literacy, and food insecurity, as well as educator and youth programming, and youth service grant opportunities.  Realizing the Dream officially launched on MLK Day 2024 in partnership with the NFL.  For more information, visit

For those who missed the WFIS Zoom featuring Sarah Zurbuchen with, we recorded that portion of Tuesday’s Zoom. Resources for sharing the Realizing the Dream program with your school community are below:

  1. Realizing the Dream Flyer
  2. Realizing the Dream website:
  3. Sarah’s email address is

As the response to this FREE community service campaign was very positive, WFIS will provide additional resources as they launch in the months ahead.